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About Fresh Start Team

The Fresh Start Team prides itself on Flexibility and creating a Win-Win in any situation. Our Flexibility presides in providing multiple exit strategies for sellers, and finding creative ways to assist our clients. Our Motto is Creative, Unique, Real Estate Solutions! Cathy and Moe Mathews lead the Fresh Start Team in the Central Virginia Market, with an eye for expansion. Moe was raised in the West End of Richmond. Cathy joined him here after he retired from the USMC. They've been involved members of the community ever since, having raised 2 children in the area, from preschool all the way through to each graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University. Their son, Zak, has been a licensed agent for 7 years as well and is a member of the team. The Fresh Start Team has over 10 years experience in this ever changing market that has well prepared us for any situation that may arise. In addition to the Fresh Start Team, Cathy and Moe are Co-Presidents of the Richmond Real Estate Investors Association (RREIA), and hold the Charter in Richmond, VA for Veteran's Path Up, a 501c(3) Non-Profit that provides a hand UP, not a hand out to honorably discharged service members.